When I tell someone my “power words” I always get that really, really long pause…the one that silently communicates, “Are you kidding me?”  I’m not kidding them and I’m not kidding you now.  There are words that have an effect on women, but they aren’t part of a secret language created by some love guru thousands of years ago.  When I first tell them to you you’ll recognize them, know them well, but still not understand why they are so powerful.  They are not ‘selling words’, they’re not subliminal, and they are not hypnotizing either.  They are simple words, because words are just a way to communicate ideas, but what you’re communicating isn’t the definition you’ll find in the dictionary.  These words are effective because an attitude comes with them, an attitude that will trigger attraction in women.  But when a guy hears this he’s thinking power means domination but that isn’t what these words do at all.  These words don’t shut women down…they open them up.  Open them to the idea that you might be someone worth talking to, someone worth hanging out with, and someone attractive.  And they can reawaken these feelings in someone that’s lost them.  Let’s start with the words and when you recover from your shock we’ll talk a little bit about why they are so powerful.

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