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sj Said,
May 9th, 2013 @8:32 pm  


I met a girl in my office. She joins my office in 2009. I fell in love with this girl the day when she joins our office. We used to come in the same cab. After some day I came to know that she got a boy friend and she is very much serious about her relationship. Her boy friend also joins our office with her. They were together in their MBA classes. I kept my self quite as I did not want to create any problems in their relation.

In 2011 end I came to know that her boy friend is getting married. And I was shocked to know that he is getting married with some other girl. The girl with whom I m in love broke from inside and she left the office in May 2012 and went to her hometown and joined another office near the city to her hometown. She was living with her brother and wife of her brother in rented house.

We used to talk on net and call. In October when we were talking to each other through sms suddenly she asked me that whether I was trying to proposing her or not. And I said yes. She said this is not possible, as her father will not get ready for this. I said both of us could work on this. After that day we used to have long talks in the night when she came back from the office and called me up. We used to talk for near about 2 to 3 hours.

Everything was going fine and best. Suddenly the level and frequency of talk goes down. When I asked her about this, she said she got tired after coming from the office. She has to do all her housework and then have to go to office. Then also we used to talk on a regular basis.

She came to my city ion November and we met. I gave her all those gifts, which I have collected for her during these past three years. We had a talk on this topic also and she said it is not possible. She went back to her hometown.

The day when she went to her hometown I called her up that night and she got mad one me and said please do not talk on this topic. I said ok I will not talk on this forever and said when she will get married do give me a call and cut the call. Next day I got an sms from her stating that please talk to a person (which is our common friend and my office mate since I joined the office, we joined together in 2005). I had a talk with that person in detail. He said he would be very much happy if we get married. (to clarify that common person is married)

Then I called her up and told her about our conversation. After that day we used to talk normally. During December one day I called her and asked her whether I can come to her place to celebrate her birthday and she said no as her parents will be there and it will be very much awkward situation for her. (I asked her about this as in the starting when we used to talk regularly we planned that I will come to her place and will celebrate her birthday together). One night when we were talking she said she like the bouquet of tulips and orchids and asked me to give her when she will come to my city.

During December only we had a fight and a misunderstanding. She said I hurt her self-esteem I clarified that even if I want I cannot do that. After some time things become normal. On 31st December I was not expecting that she will call me, however, she called me up at 10 pm (she was in office) and wish me happy New Year. She said because of her parents she could not be able to wish me when she will be at home that’s why she is wishing me now. I said ok and wish her too and we had a talk for some time. After that at 12.15 am she called me again and wished me again and said she is calling me to wish me happy New Year. When I asked her about her parents she said they are inside and sleeping. I asked her can I give her a kiss and she said yes and she will not mind it.

Everything was going normal. She then shifts from her hometown to the city where she was working. She does everything, as brother is good for nothing (he always thing about himself and his wife only).

On February 14th I called her at 12.00 am. She didn’t pick the call. I called her twice and the result was same. I dropped a sms stating about the valentines day and said call me as I want to talk to her as she get time. After a moment only I received an sms stating that she will call me as she get inside the cab. She called me and when I called her I got her number busy. Her number was busy for 10 mins. When I asked her she said the call was from her home. I then said her everything, about my feelings and I m ready to take the responsibility and everything. She said she would call me once she will reach home. I asked her whether she could be able to call me as her parents are there. She said she will manage. After reaching home she send me a message that her mother is sleeping with her that night and she do not want to talk to me on this topic in sms and she respect me and understand everything. She said she will call me next day.

She didn’t call me next day. I received a call after 1 day and she was telling me why I used to get over protective. She said that she knows that I m there for her every time. I said ok. After 2 days she send me an sms and said to call her. I called her up and we had a very good conversation. She said in March end she is coming to my city as she is having planned to meet some of her MBA”s friend and her grandparents.

One night in March I got a call from her side and she said she is coming to my city after two days. I was shocked as she said March end. Then she said she would come to my city on Wednesday, will live at her grandparents place during Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday will come to office and Saturday we will meet and on Sunday she will go back to her city.

On Thursday when I was in my office her roommate (who is still working with us and got recently married) came to me and said, “Today your day will be a awesome day”. I asked her why; she starts giving me different looks. I understood that she came to know about her roommate and me. After 1 hour I see that my girl is there in the office. We met formally.

That day I send her an sms that she is looking very sweet and she replied thanks. That night I was trying to call her but could not able to contact her as she was in roaming her balance got vanished and because of this the call could not get connected. Next day on Friday I called her after recharging her number and talk to her she said she do not know what is going on, as she could not bale to contact anyone. I said her balance was nil and recharged it, she said why did that, I said without that I could not able to talk to her. When I asked her about our meeting on Saturday she said she is going back on Saturday. I was shocked and asked why and what about our meeting. She said she could not able to get the tickets of Sunday and that’s why she is going back on Saturday. That night she called me back and said the same thing.

On Saturday I went to her roommate place where she was staying that day and called her up. I said that I m standing on the corner of the lane and would like to met her and brought her bouquet. She got mad one me and said she will not come. She said do whatever I want to do with that bouquet. I came back to my place that day without meeting her.

I was convinced that everything between her and me now comes to the end. I got a sms on Sunday stating that “ I spoiled everything now, by forcing and creating a drama no one can get respect and love”. I called her up and she said she will talk to me after some moment. On Sunday night she called me up and we had a talk on this. She said why I used to do this. She said, I used to say that I m working on my patience level and she always see me that after sometime I m on the same point. I said that I m a human being and the 20 years old nature can not be change like this, I m not a machine in which u can easily change the parts.

She said she will call me later. After that day we didn’t have talk for near about 20 days. After 20 days I called her up. She was in office. I asked her is everything ok and fine, she said yes, when I asked her whether she is busy she said yes and said will call me after some time. She called me after 2 hours and we had a talk for around 15 mins. The talk was normal. After 3 days I sent her an sms and we had a normal talk in sms. She replied my sms, which she stopped in middle.

Now I m very much confused whether she feels for me or not, or she loves. I think she is confused because of her past relation experience. She likes me but she do not want to take step forward because of that and because of my impatience nature.

as i mentioned that we are good friends and have told her about my feelings in past too. at the 1st instance last year and this year on 14th, however, i didn;t get any reply from her on the second stage. she didn’t say yes or no. she said we will discuss this in details.

after that last thing happened.

recently i gave her a call and she didn;t pick my call. i have sent her a sms stating sorry if i m disturbing u i just want to talk to u and if possible and u want call me back.

she replied why i used to imazine all those useless things. after reading these types of sms frm me even she wants to talk to me her heart does not allow her…

after that sms i sent her sms that i agree and this is the truth that i used think a lot, but what i think i used to say in front of her. i can pretend someone else in front of others but not in front of her. i said i agree u used to be busy in various work (home and Job, as she is handling maximum of things) and sometimes person do not feel to talk, but sometimes it just took place and i did. i said yes this is the truth that she is special for me and she is everything for me…

till now i didn;t get any reply frm her side. it is being 4 days from that day….

One more thing (I know I m bothering u a lot) what are the chances according to u:

Will she reply me
and what u think she feels for me or not

and pls and pls help me pls

AM I Correct. Please help me in this. What should I do now?

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May 2nd, 2013 @7:34 am  

Get a clue, she is sending you all kinds of signals that she likes you and wants to have a relationship with her. Ask her out to dinner and talk. Develop a pair along with a spine and man up here.

John Wilder sex and relationship blog

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April 30th, 2013 @9:53 am  

Hi Joe.

It is more common for couples to do activities as friends as part of a “comment interest” component, than the old fashion “lets go on a date” thing. It less intimidating and you get to know a person in a way that comes out after couples “date” and have sex. It builds a good foundation for a solid relationship if that part happens. Enjoy her company and see what happens naturally.


Robbie Lee, author, mentor, realist

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Suzanne White Montiel Said,
April 29th, 2013 @11:43 am  

Dear Joe,

I don’t think it matters “how” she likes you. She clearly wants to spend time with you outside work. If you want to spend time with her outside work as well, then go ahead and do so.

Eventually you’ll both figure out the kind of relationship you want to have with each other.


Suzanne White Montiel

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