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June 20th, 2011 @9:34 pm  

Your son MAY or may NOT have a legitimate reason to be mad at you. Meaning, it’s POSSIBLE that his wife is able to influence him, but let’s ask ourselves why.

#1: People who are in love, can often be swayed and manipulated by their partner, AGAINST other people (even if there’s no real REASON to be).

#2: It makes it even EASIER however, if your son already has some complaints of his OWN (Now the wife can FEED on that)

#3: On the other hand, you could be blaming the wife for stirring up trouble when in actuality it might just be your son who decides (on his own) not to see you/speak to you.

Lastly, the wife could be lying about the way you treat HER, which would cause your son to treat you differently. Talk to your son, and find out what’s going on. Then get to the bottom of this.

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Cinique' Said,
June 19th, 2011 @12:48 pm  


What can you do against a lie? – I am afraid nothing. Only you and God know the truth. We all have the choice on whether we will believe any suspect information presented to us to include your son. I feel that there is a lot that has not been mentioned here. A son will only alienate his mother if he feels she deserves it. Males are very attached and protective of mom. Does he have any hidden resentment toward you? Does his wife? The root of your problem lies within the root of theirs. There must be something here that is not being told. Only the truth will make you free. This anger is deeply rooted and if you don’t address it, it will only fester and boil until it erupts like he did on you. His wife may not help the issue because she loves him more than she loves you. I am sure of one thing, there are other factors involved in this. She has his ear more than you, and you need to get his ear when she is not around and haphazardly influencing the conversation. An attorney can best help his client if they are honest about the crime. Whether they are guilty or innocent, he can then formulate a defense to achieve the best possible outcome. I can only help you if you are candid. I hope this helped. If you want to discuss this issue more, contact me by email. Jesus lives, and God blesses.

Cinique Scott – Wordsmith
H a v e W o r d s – W i l l T r a v e l

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Suzanne White Montiel Said,
June 18th, 2011 @2:58 pm  

Dear Germaine,

Your son probably gets angry at you of his own accord, having little to nothing to do with his wife. You and your son have a history so if everything was rosy he would know that his wife was lying to him and he’d resent her for it.

Chances are you just don’t realize that your son has his own reasons to communicate with you as little as possible.

Your son is an adult so now that he can choose his relationships, he is. He wants to be with his wife and not with you. You, too, are an adult so you should work on building relationships with people who live near you.

Of course you should communicate with your son and let him know you love him, but don’t pester him. Don’t even bother with your daughter-in-law since she’s made clear she doesn’t like you.

Be happy you have time and energy to pursue your own interests without your son cramping your style.


Suzanne White Montiel

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June 18th, 2011 @8:59 am  

You have a tough issue here. Your daughter in law has taken a dislike to you for some reason. The key is to find out why. You need to chat with her and ask her what is it about you that she dislikes and why is she trying to sabotage your relationship with your son?

Blessings on you and yours
Joh Wilder blog

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