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March 19th, 2011 @11:27 am  

Jay gave good advice that I can’t really improve on. The man is using you, that is why he wants to keep it a secret. Move on and find a man who only wants you.

JOhn Wilder blog

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March 18th, 2011 @10:31 pm  


If this guy truly loved YOU (the way he says he does) he’d break up with his girlfriend. Period. I know he’ll say it might be hard, because they’ve been together for a while and blah blah blah, but if that’s true, that won’t CHANGE! The longer they are together, the harder it’ll be for him to break up with her. The thing you have to ask yourself is, how long are you willing to wait, and be a secret?

Are you sexually active with this guy yet? If so, how long have you two “been a secret”?

He either wants to be with you, or be with her. Why let him have both? Do you WANT to be a secret forever, or do you want to be a normal couple? If he says he can’t break up with her, ask him whose feelings matter more: Yours or hers? If he says yours, tell him to prove it. That, or back off and let his current relationship end on its own before getting involved. It’s not fair to come in breaking things up. I get that you WANT him, but if he wanted YOU, he’d already be ending his current relationship to be with you. Remember that. And don’t let him tell you any different. Be smart.

If you need anymore assistance, here is my email address. Use it.

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