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December 19th, 2012 @7:34 am  

Hey Bahar
You need to work on your marriage. Problems can be solved if you want to and your kids need you full time. Steer clear of this guy and never mix work with relationships.

It also sounds as if you would entertain a relationship with this guy which would tend to tell me that you are bi sexual. You have no business being bi sexual because you could infect your wife with Aids. Either go completely homosexual or heterosexual and stick to one side.

John Wilder
marriage, relationship and sexual coach and the author of a soon to be published book entitled: SEX EDUCATION FOR ADULTS, SECRETS TO AMAZING SEX AND HAPPILY EVER AFTER TOO. sex and relationship blog

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Suzanne White Montiel Said,
December 16th, 2012 @7:41 pm  

Dear Bahar,

Maybe he’s being friendly in a very awkward way. I’m about as confused as you are.

You could discreetly ask him why he’s asking you such things. Then, move forward based on the information.

I don’t think you should make any decisions about your relationship with him based on how you feel about your marriage.

Good luck.


Suzanne White Montiel

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