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Cinique' Said,
April 25th, 2011 @9:22 am  


Wow, to some that is a nice problem to have. However, listen to what he is hinting at. His ego will not allow him to really come out and say, “girl…you are wearing me out.” You may have to tone it down a bit and give him a little break. Trust that he wants you but men aren’t built like women. Some women can have multiple orgasms, where most men cannot. Some women can go for hours and hours, several times a day, but most men cannot. In most relationships the physical aspect of sex is performed mostly by the man which may wear him out way faster than the woman. We are just built differently. Discuss it with him a bit more and try to determine how often is too often and what is just right. This is not an unsolvable issue. I will tell you that sex is good, but it gets a lot better when you anticipate and preplan your time together. This may be a way for both of you to enjoy sex and still appease his request to back off a bit. Let him pick the date and you both can wait and salivate over each other until the appointed time. I hope this helped. If you want to discuss this issue more, contact me by email. Jesus lives, and God blesses.

Cinique Scott – Wordsmith
H a v e W o r d s – W i l l T r a v e l

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April 23rd, 2011 @8:03 am  

Suzanne and Jason gave good advice and here is mine. Your boyfriend has a twisted notion about sex. He sees sex as something that woman tolerate and that men have to talk them into. You being very agressive sexually thwarts this preconceived notion that he has. It is not likely to change easily. Guys get fixated on something sexually and don’t easily let go of it.

I suggest that you move on and find a guy who would love your sexual agressiveness.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder blog

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Suzanne White Montiel Said,
April 22nd, 2011 @10:48 pm  

Dear Valarie,

Your boyfriend is insecure and needs to get over himself. Since you can’t control his behavior it might be best for you to move on.

There are PLENTY of guys who would like a woman who initiates sex and doesn’t feel emasculated by his girlfriend wanting to have sex with him. See how ridiculous that is? He doesn’t feel manly because you want to have sex with him, something that should allow him to feel very manly and desired.

It’s important for partners to have similar sex drives and to desire each other. If someone thinks his/her partner wants “too much” sex then it’s probably a sign that the partners aren’t sexually compatible.


Suzanne White Montiel

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April 22nd, 2011 @8:28 pm  


The UNPROFESSIONAL me wants to say “WHAT?? He’s crazy. Drop him and get a real man!” lol

However, the PROFESSIONAL side of me has to look at this LOGICALLY, and ask questions:

1: How long have you two been together?
2: Did he say exactly WHY you intimidate him?
3: If he specifically said that you want it too much, how do YOU feel about that?
4: What did he mean by “let me be a man?” Does he want to always be able to INITIATE it?

I’m asking these questions because SOME guys, for WHATEVER reason, are intimidated by a confident, sexually aggressive woman. They believe it is THEIR job to “seduce” the woman, and get her turned on. If you ALREADY WANT IT, they don’t get to do that. In THEIR minds, sex is something you only give them once they’ve turned you on so much that you have NO CHOICE but to surrender. So, when you’re just NATURALLY AGGRESSIVE, their manhood is tested. They feel slightly less masculine. It’s SILLY, but that’s how some guys are.

Personally, I LIKE my girl to show interest in me sexually. But, not all guys are LIKE that. So try to understand how HE feels, and behave accordingly. Not ALL the time, but sometimes. Let him “be a man” as he puts it. Maybe even put up a small resistance so that he has to “take” it from you. It’ll go a long way. :)

If you have anymore questions, or wish to provide more DETAIL, so I can better ASSIST you, email me:

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