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Gina Landeau Said,
April 8th, 2009 @3:04 pm  

Hi Zack

It has taken alot of thought on my part before I felt comfortable enough to respond to your question. It is clear that you are in great pain and your marriage is in turmoil. This is not an easy question to answer…love and life can mean different things to so many people. It also holds true that as the years go by, we all grow and change as life unfolds. Many are happy with the way things are, choosing to live life in a familiar pattern rather then moving forward and experiencing all that life has to offer!
Sometimes life gets predictable, dealing with kids, running the household, family time, intimacy, etc…that the allure of a new romantic interest can eclipse what you thought was the perfect marriage? Your situation is not unique and you are not alone! There is a whole new world out there and so many chances at this new type of possible infidelity. Everyone wants passion and desire in their marriage. It always seems more desirable when it is coming from a new interest not understanding that everything comes back full circle. In the newness of a realtionship everything is hot, hot, hot…but life has a way of settling out and she will see that all is not golden.

Here are a few words that might get through to her…if these words hold true for you then it is worth presenting to her. I will let you be the judge…

We need to talk…I promise to give you space, a listening ear, and a heart that just wants to understand you. I have much to do and having you in my life made it seem ever more important to succeed for you , for us. I know that if it is your decision to flee then I can not stop you…nor would I want to. I told you once, that I could not convince you to love me that it was a decision you had to make…well so is this one. I am here, I will wait for you…but if you do not communicate with me then there really is nothing I can do.

I know that none of my words will change anything, if you have already made the decision to distance yourself from what you feel. But one day, somewhere down the line you will look back and wonder…why you have run from someone who cares, treasures, and loved you for exactly who you are and saw the possibilities of yours dream just as you wished for them. I am wounded, because you chose not to speak to me and trust that my heart would listen and give you what you desire …time …love …respect…understanding…and all the things that make life ever so precious.

I can only hope that my words find a way to communicate with your heart and mind knowing that I love you very deeply…but I can not hold what wants to be free!

The one question I have for you…why did you not take the salsa lessons as well? She is looking for new things to do and though she should have some outside interest apart from the marriage, This is certainly an easy way for someone else to enter the picture! I wish you luck and please feel free to write again!

Gina Landeau

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